We are the Cocoluck Corporation. Our company manufactures fashion goods and accessories using traditional Japanese Kimono Fabric called CHIRIMEN. Chirimen material has been a very popular high end fabric in Japan for many years. Our fabrics are manufactured by over 30 different makers in Japan and we produce over 400 different products. A popular line of goods that we are extremely proud of are our hair accessories, which use original Cocoluck Chirimen materials. We have multiple product lines in stock which come in 30 different colors. Our customers are department stores, specialist shops, over 300 stores in Japan carry Cocoluck products.

We want people all over the world to enjoy Cocoluck products, which are made by skilled Japanese craftsmen. Please send us an email and our staff will be happy to show you how easy it is to carry and sell Cocoluck products.

Masatoshi Sahashi,

President Cocoluck Inc.

Corporate profile

Company name : Cocoluck Corporation
Established : 2002
Officers : Kazuho Sahashi, President & Managing Director
Address : 3-1-2 Ekimae, Inazawa-shi, Aichi-ken, Japan 492-8143
Telephone/Fax : 81-587-24-7525/81-587-24-7526
Web : www.cocoluck.com
Email : cocoluck@orion.ocn.ne.jp

Cocoluck was founded in 2002 by a textile manufacture of 40 years and a second generation textile businessman Masatoshi Sahashi. Cocoluck uses their knowhow and experience to select only the finest CHIRIMEN materials made in Japan and 80% of our products are physically manufactured in Japan. Our materials are water resistant and extremely long lasting. Each product is unique due to the variety of colors and patterns in the fabric. We both manufacture and sell all Cocoluck products.

The Cocoluck product line includes small goods, accessories and apparel. Our main customers are young ladies and we design our products based on their needs, yet our customers are old, young, male and female and we have seen a large increase in foreign orders. Cocoluck products are fashionable and make great gifts or souvenirs.